Universities Matter

We’re on a mission to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of Australian universities to our nation’s prosperity, innovation and societal advancement. Or in other words – why universities matter.

Through groundbreaking research, educating the skilled people we need and supporting their communities; universities improve the lives of all Australians.

Explore our impact

Discover the diverse ways universities impact our lives every day:

The skills we need for today and tomorrow: From doctors to engineers, teachers to entrepreneurs, universities are the training ground for the professionals who shape our world.

Research that affects us all: Delve into the transformative research happening at universities, from medical breakthroughs to sustainable technologies, that are changing lives and shaping industries.

Unexpected breakthroughs: Prepare to be amazed by the unexpected ways universities enrich our society, from preserving cultural heritage to fostering community engagement.

Community champions: Learn more about the people in universities who have strong links with their community and those who call it home – improving lives and having impact at a local level.