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SPEECH: Universities as engines of renewal 13 Aug 2018
I want to talk to you about universities as sources of economic and social renewal and hope. Also, the very important role that you—employers and industry—play in helping us to prepare people for a first, second or tenth job.
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OPINION: How international students benefit Australia 13 Aug 2018
In 2010, then British Prime Minister David Cameron uttered a few fateful words that would become an own goal for the British economy.
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Students Finances Survey 2017 30 Jun 2018
Every five years or so, since the mid-1970s, the peak body for Australia's universities has undertaken a detailed study of the cost of living challenges for our students.
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Submission to the independent review of the Australian Public Service 30 Jun 2018
Universities Australia (UA) welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service (APS). The review is examining how the APS can assist government to manage and respond to future challenges in increasingly complex and digitally enabled global economies. A key goal is a fit-for-purpose APS to drive innovative, efficient policy development and implementation through collaborative, whole-of government approaches.
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